Joshua Robin Kaplan





Dubbed 'a social media phenomenon', Peach burst onto the scene in January of 2016. To this day, Peach remains a sacred place to many culturally-affluent members. For more on Peach, visit us on twitter @peachdotcool 

  • Co-Founder
  • Design Lead
  • Branding and Interface Design

"First came Facebook, then Twitter, and now say hi to new Peach app"

— USA Today

"Sorry Vine, Periscope, and every other app that was once 'hot.' Peach is the new kid on the block"

— NBC News

"And this, ultimately, is the future of user interface."

— NY Mag

"Peach is so hot... the Internet’s obsessed with it"

— Wired

"suddenly the hottest thing in social media"

— CBS News

"The new social network app taking the tech world by storm"

— The Guardian

"Your new social media obsession."

— The Huffington Post

"Peach, in its disarming way, shows that modern technology is perhaps the most efficient machine we’ve seen thus far for shaping desire."

— New Republic

"For the kids at tech's cool table"

— ReCode

"The hottest new social media app"

— Refinery 29

"The next big social network"

— Consumer Reports

"First impressions... Peach nailed this"

— The Next Web